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During WWII, a Ukrainian immigrant Wildcatter discovers a 100
Million dollar ocean of oil in Oklahoma, but his newfound
fortune puts him square in the sights of a seductive murderess
intent on making him her fifth kill.



Assaph Gutoff descended from nobility in the Baron von Gutoff lineage. According to legend, the Gutoffs were Volga Germans who came to what is now known as the Ukraine to fight the
Mongols in the 11th century. They had a fighting spirit throughout the centuries, becoming Barons of the countryside, ending up in Zhitomer, Ukraine, where Assaph was born on
November 10, 1886.

Assaph, being the youngest at 16, fled with his two brothers to America. They landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1902. He had three cents in his pocket and was so sick the authorities quarantined him for three months. Upon release, Assaph’s brothers had already left to seek their fame and fortune and he was now alone in a strange new land with a strange new name… Gutowsky

Assaph & Augusta

Assaph worked his way across the country from the coal mines of Munschen, Pennsylvania to the International Harvester
Company in Chicago.


But then, one fateful night in a bar, he met Mr. Ladwig, who told him of fertile farmland in Oklahoma and also of a girl he wanted Assaph to meet…his daughter, Augusta. They left for Oklahoma the next day.


Assaph and Augusta fell in love and were married in 1908. They soon moved to Kingfisher, Oklahoma and started farming and raising four children.


In 1910, Assaph sold the farm and began his relentless pursuit of oil. His passion drove him across the southern Midwest, making and losing small fortunes. This earned him the nickname “Ace”.


In 1932 Augusta died suddenly and left Ace devastated. He found solace in a Kingfisher bar, where he met a raven haired, green eyed, seductress named Marie J. She had been waiting for him, like a Black Widow waiting for her next prey…

Marie J

Marie J was born into extreme poverty and spent her formative years in a shanty town in South Oklahoma City called Mulligan Flats. 


As she was beautiful and seductive, Marie J would use her sexual prowess to lure men into her web. After she killed them, she absconded with their money.


With each kill, Marie J rose up a little higher on the socio-economic ladder, until she met the prey she had been waiting for all her life.


Ace would take her where she so desperately wanted to go…


Ace and Marie J were married in 1935. In that same year, Ace started drilling for oil like a man possessed! In 1937, the Oklahoman newspaper stated “Oklahoma County’s #1 Wildcatter” and this became Ace’s new title. He was convinced there was oil in West Edmond, although all the geologists and oil experts of the day said, “That area had been tested for thirty years and there is absolutely no oil!”


Ace did not take no for an answer. He endured even more ridicule because he firmly believed in a mysterious device called a “Doodlebug”. It was said to have metaphysical powers, but only for special people who possess the ability and knowledge to use